Our Recycling Centre

We are committed to minimising the waste deposited at landfill sites. We also believe that by taking care of our environment and controlling our waste today we are securing a more positive future for generations to come.

We have a fully licensed Waste Recycling Centre. This means we are able to segregate the various types of waste for recycling, leaving less to landfill. Here at Ringwood and Fordingbridge Skip Hire we have invested heavily in our recycling centre facilities, adding a manual picking station coupled with a Majorette system, allowing us to significantly reduce our waste going to landfill, therefor increasing our recycling percentages.

Our bailing machines bale materials such as hard plastic, soft plastic, cardboard and paper ready to be sent off to be made into new products.

We will continue to invest and stay abreast of the new technologies and machinery to aid us in our mission for maximising our recycling and minimising our waste.

We recycle:
• Paper
• Metal
• Wood
• Plastic
• Soil
• Hardcore
• Cardboard
• Green Waste
• Electrical & Electronic Equipment

Feel free to call us with any questions you
may have about recycling on: 01425 652696

Baled plastic ready to leave our recycling centre

Cardboard on it’s way to a new life

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